Our Services

List of our services that our company ready to provide for your benefits.

Development Team On Demand

Set of out-staffing solutions (DTOD) - our company has dedicated, professional, highly skilled development and support teams across various locations in Eastern Europe ready to help with all your development needs. Our developers are always ready to help with optimising your IT and business processes, no matter how big or small the task is. You need website, mobile application, or complex enterprise grade software developed? We can help!

Business Turnkey Solutions

Set of services our company provides to entrepreneurs and small business start-ups. We provide you with the turnkey solution by registering your business, setting up your website and hosting, branding, emails, virtual telephone line (redirected to email as voicemail), etc. Furthermore, we provide you with tips and hints how to go about running your business on day to day basis. NOTE* Minimum customer involvement required where applicable by Australian law.

Smart Consulting

Our Smart Consulting approach to provide the services and analyse the needs of your business. We can help you with identifying the gaps and ways to eliminate them. Our team can also help with selecting appropriate software and products to use within your business. If required products do not exist, we can help in developing such a product and deploying it within your business. We will also train you how to use them effectively and we can support those products.

Business Mobility

We can help you to be mobile and efficient while dealing with rapid changes of modern business world. The key - efficient business on the go.

Social Engineering

We can help you with setting up seminars, webinars and also help in facilitating those. Help with the product focus groups and business networking.

Creative Design

We provide various quality design services. From designing business cards to the corporate and product brand books.

SEO Optimisation and Marketing

Our search engine optimisation and marketing team is able to look after your projects and make sure they are constantly at the top.